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Welcome to Channing Memorial Church, a congregation that believes everyone matters, everyone has the freedom to express their faith in the way that is right for them, and everyone has something important to contribute. As a Unitarian Universalist congregation, we proclaim a life-affirming faith that lifts us to greater awareness of who we are and what we can become.

No matter where a person is in their life journey, they’ll find at Channing Memorial Church opportunities to grow, get connected and give back to the community.

Come! Experience spiritual growth, new relationships, and make a positive impact on others.

* * *

Sunday service is at 10:00 a. m. in the Church Sanctuary and Fellowship Coffee Hour in the Parish Hall following the service are important elements in Channing Memorial Church life. All people are welcomed just as they are as they come through our door.

All ages gather together for the first portion of the Sunday service.  Religious Education (RE) is offered for children ages four to thirteen in the Parish Hall.  Children four and younger are invited to spend the entire church service with their families in the sanctuary or in our Childcare Room in the Parish Hall.

We do not offer childcare during the Summer months, all children are invited to attend the worship service. 

Summer Worship Services

Sunday, July 2: Brad Carter, One Nation Under...what??

In honor of Independence Day, Brad will present a UU perspective on our TWO national mottos.

Brad is, in his words, a preacher's kid from Kansas City who is proud to make Newport his home. A graduate of Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, he earned a PhD in American Studies at the University of Kansas and was formerly an administrative dean at Saint Paul School of Theology where he also taught courses on American Civil Religion. He's currently an associate professor at the Naval War College and a member of Channing.

Sunday, July 9: Mandy Beal, Choosing Empathy

We live in a time that is challenged and challenging.  It is tempting to say that there are intractable differences in our country, our communities, and even in our homes.  What role can empathy play as we try to move forward in the face of all that divides us?

Mandy is a 2016 graduate of Andover Newton Theological School and candidate for Unitarian Universalist ministry.  Having just completed a ministerial internship at the First Parish in Lincoln (MA), she will serve as the Youth and Connections Ministry Assistant at First Unitarian Church in Worcester.

Sunday, July 16: Mike Armenia, Atomic Humanism

Still counting 280, 350, 406, 450, older Greens are speaking up to put the safest technology at the top of  the list to stop  Climate Change

Mike served in the Navy as an Engineering R&D Project Officer and Commanding Officer of research units serving Naval Sea and Space Warfare Systems Commands. At Raytheon, he was responsible for reviewing energy systems for military use, including solar, wind and power plants for ships and forward operating bases, and also worked in the manufacture and repair of naval nuclear reactors and submarines. He and Joanne are members of Channing Church, and since retirement, have been spending half years on the Space Coast in FL where they are active in the Friendship Fellowship UU congregation and multiple environmental organizations.

Sunday, July 23: John Prevedini, On the Origins of Human Belief

What is it that moves us to religious belief, and how do we shape what we believe over time?  John considers the role of culture, experience, and momentary emotion in the evolving nature of one of the things we cherish most, our personal sense of what we believe in. 

A long-time member of Channing, John is a musician and composer currently writing and performing in Connecticut.  

Sunday, July 30: Rev. Tom Schade, As Close as your Hand

Jesus said that the Kingdom of God was as close as our hand, yet the Beloved Community seems as far away as ever. What is the obstacle?

Rev. Tom Schade is a retired UU minister who lives in Pawtucket RI. He is returning to our pulpit for the first time since his sermon here last December when he talked about the story of the blind folk and the elephant.

Sunday, August 6: Jeanette Bessinger, On Cultivating Spiritual Discipline Without Dogma

Cultivating a practice of any kind requires us to make consistent choices and engage our will to act on them over time. Can we live a spiritually disciplined life without a specific faith? We’ll explore some methods for activating an inner spiritual compass to live a rich and compassionate life without a belief-based system for guidance and accountability.

Jeannette Bessinger, ordained interfaith minister, CHHC, is the Clean Food Coach, an award-winning educator and author of multiple books featuring healthy eating. Designer of a long-running and successful, hospital-based, lifestyle change program and countless transformational workshops, Jeannette has helped thousands of people make lasting changes to deeply entrenched habits that no longer serve them.

Sunday, August 13: Mike Armenia, The Tablets Down from the Mountain of Science

“When it comes to Climate Change, we are as the gods, so we might as well get good at it.” (quote from Stewart Brand, Whole Earth Catalog)

Sunday, August 20: Kim Shute, Death Colored Glasses: Can Darkness be Made Light?

Come hear a story of love and loss and love again. Challenge yourself to find light in the darkest of times. This service will be one woman’s version of how she is doing that.
Kim Shute was an active member of Channing church for ten years and loves to offer services to the community. She is currently the Program Coordinator for Community Connections, a program of Memorial Funeral Homes. Kim has background in theatre, speech communications and gardening as well as a smattering of skills she picked up along the way. She spends her free time creating art, listening to music, knitting, seeking fun, writing and organizing anything that is not nailed down. Kim lives in Newport with her teenage son, Gabe, her retired mother, Linda, and a Connecticut transplant named Sage as well as two boy kitties.

Sunday, August 27: Rev. Bill Zelazny, The Ground of Our Religious Tradition

Every so often it is good for us to look back to see from where we came so that we can have a good grounding for the practice of our faith going forward.   As we get ready to start a new church year, Bill will spend this Sunday taking a look at our religious antecedent, the Unitarians and the Universalists. This would be a good Sunday to which to bring a friend or a neighbor who may have expressed an interest in learning more about our church.

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